OTTAWA, Mar 23 ( – Addressing the proposed changes to the Young Offenders Act, Leader of the Opposition Preston Manning told the House of Commons yesterday that “the most effective approach to crime prevention, particularly youth crime prevention, is to strengthen families.”  Manning defined families to include, “extended families, single parent families, traditional families.”

The Reform leader said the Liberal leaders “put their faith not in families but in government programs operated for the most part by well meaning but impersonal and inefficient bureaucracies.” Manning demanded that the bureaucracies should “serve and support front-line caregivers”, primarily “overworked, under supported and under recognized parents” and secondarily “social workers, probation officers, court workers, doctors, nurses, teachers and day care workers.”

“It is because of this fundamental belief that the strong family is the key to healthy,  properly educated, law abiding, secure, adventurous and happy future generations that we advocate tax relief for families, tax fairness for families, respect for families, respect for their rights to make decisions that affect the welfare of family members and acceptance by families of responsibility for their decisions.”