OTTAWA, June 24, 2003 ( – REAL Women Canada is urging Canadians to contact their federal and provincial elected representatives and srongly urge them to defend traditional marriage.  “Prime Minister Chrétien’s refusal to appeal the decisions of the BC and Ontario Courts of Appeal is not the end of this sordid story.  There are still several chapters to come,” said the organization in a release today.  REAL Women said concerned Canadians must “Send a blizzard of telephone calls to your MP’s constituency office” telling MPs to “vote in support of opposite sex marriages and/or for the notwithstanding clause.”  The notwithstanding clause refers to S.33 of the Charter of Rights that states that a ruling of the court will not come into effect for five years, at which time it may be extended for another five year period.  This process can continue indefinitely as a matter of legislative routine.  Citizens are also urged to contact their local provincial representatives to urge them to oppose provincial issuing of marriage licences or registering same-sex ‘marriages’.  “Such same-sex unions that have been proceeded with either by the publication of banns and/or by previously issued licences, must not be registered by the province.”  For info on how to contact Canadian legislators: