TORONTO, Mar 31 ( – Ryerson, Toronto and York University student groups and women’s centres have joined in the “coalition against HLI” along with the violent extremist pro-abortion group Anti-Racist Action. Ryerson Student’s Administrative Council (RyeSAC),  Ryerson Women’s Centre, University of Toronto Women’s Centre, University of Toronto Graduate Students’ Union, York University Women’s Centre, and the York Federation of Students have listed their names as endorsers of the movement to protest Human Life International in light of their upcoming Toronto conference beginning April 7.

Besides publishing misleading propaganda about HLI, the coalition against HLI is arranging buses to a protest at the HLI conference. Sun columnist Michael Coren reminded readers last week that the last pro-abortion demonstration against HLI in Montreal saw pro-abortion “demonstrators, bused in from all over North America, destroying a police car, throwing used condoms at children and pelting pro-life delegates with prophylactics containing broken glass.”

Pro-life leaders are incredulous that the University associations would associate themselves with such violence and hateful propaganda. Steve Jalsevac, a Toronto director of Campaign Life Coalition said “We would encourage the University administrations to examine who is involved in this coalition and to reconsider having their names associated with such hate propagation.”