CALGARY, Alberta, March 23, 2005 ( – Pro-life students peacefully protesting abortion outside a subway entrance near the University of Calgary were violently attacked Tuesday. A man approached the students, and ripped three 4×8 foot displays. Police arrested the man, who had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. After the arrest, a second man approached and vandalized a remaining sign.

The students were protesting at the subway stop after being barred from demonstrating on campus property. The destroyed signs are part of an educational exhibit known as the Genocide Awareness Project (GAP), a collection of graphic images that compare abortion to historical atrocities such as the Holocaust. The student pro-life group maintains that pictures are a powerful medium to communicate their message to a visual culture. Tuesday afternoon a campus security official told the students they would be charged with trespassing if they brought the GAP signs onto campus.

Student pro-life group CPL president Theresa Nugent said the attacks will not silence them – they resumed their protest Wednesday. “As bad as it was to see the expensive signs damaged, it doesn’t compare to violently killing the unborn in the womb,” Nugent said. “And that’s why we’re here: to show society the atrocity of abortion.”

“We want to make it clear to the university and our attackers that we will not tolerate censorship and we refuse to be intimidated,” Nugent added. “As long as abortion goes on we will be exposing the reality of it. And as long as U of C suppresses our right to express our views through a stationary exhibit, we will maintain and increase our efforts to bypass their unjust rule.”

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