Students at Pro-Gay High School Swarm Parents Protesting Homosexuality

By Gudrun Schultz

  BROOKLINE, Massachusetts, May 4, 2007 ( - A small group of parents demonstrating against homosexuality were assaulted by a crowd of nearly 200 hostile students outside Brookline High School during the pro-homosexual “Day of Silence,” MassResistance reported April 25.

  Described as “screaming, swearing and throwing food,” the students surrounded the half-dozen parents while several school faculty members and administrators stood by.

  One parent, identified as Bruce C., told Mass Resistance, “At least one hundred kids were surrounding me like buzzing bees debating these arguments, some yelling degrading comments like "moron", "idiot", cursing, occasionally throwing food and wads of paper at me, burning my flyer, doing simulated homosexual sex acts, telling me they were going to sodomize me, boys were kissing and making out with other boys and girls were making out and fondling other girls to loud ecstatic cheering.”

  The parents were taking part in a Day of Defiance protest, organized to counter the “Day of Silence” demonstration staged annually by homosexual activist groups in schools as a sign of student solidarity with the pro-homosexual movement.

  One student was detained by Brookline police for physically assaulting a parent, who declined to press charges over the incident. Police told MassResistance they were “pretty shocked” by the behavior of the students.

  Brookline High School has one of the strongest pro-gay programs in the state of Massachusetts. In 2005 the school held an all-day Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network conference at the school, where the notorious Little Black Book on lesbian sexual acts was distributed.

  The students’ extreme aggression towards a message opposed to homosexuality showed the extent of homosexual indoctrination already imposed on the schools, MassResistance stated in coverage of the encounter.

“Students are only hearing one side of the homosexuality argument, and that’s militantly enforced in the schools. They never hear the other side, particularly the enormous health risks connected to homosexual practices.”

  Many students, however, showed genuine interest in the material being handed out by the parents before the situation deteriorated. “A larger percentage of kids are genuinely interested in hearing the other side, and are skeptical of what they’ve been told in school, but are intimidated from publicly questioning anything.”

  Brookline High School Principal Robert Weinbraub told MassResistance that reports of the incidents were “disturbing.”

“I will work to find out the truth. If our students were disrespectful, I am embarrassed and I apologize. We work very hard to develop young people who are engaged and respectful members of this community and beyond.”

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