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Franciscan University students offer a silent witness for life at a Bill Clinton appearance in Steubenville,

STEUBENVILLE, Ohio, October 7, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – A group of Catholic university students sent former President Bill Clinton a powerful pro-life message on Tuesday without saying a word.

“LIFE” was the message taped across the mouths of students from Franciscan University of Steubenville who attended a campaign rally for Clinton’s wife Hillary at Harding Middle School.

The students stood silently during the rally as Clinton supporters gave them annoyed looks. Once Clinton finished speaking, they turned toward the television media, continuing to stand silently.

Clinton was campaigning in eastern Ohio for his wife on a two-day “Stronger Together” bus tour, the Herald-Star reported. The pro-life students’ witness might have been what made the Clinton rally newsworthy because, according to The Daily Caller, “hardly anyone showed up to see it.”

A group of Hillary Clinton supporters attempted to block the pro-life students from the view of cameras present, with flags and chants of “Hillary-Hillary,” but the students remained unmoved.

The red-taped “LIFE” message covering the students’ mouths symbolizes censorship of pro-life speech, typically seen with the annual Pro-Life Silent Day of Solidarity, to be observed this year on October 18.

One of the pro-life university students said it was telling that Clinton supporters attempted to block their message.

The students were “witnessing to the voice that will never be heard of the unborn children.” a student named Salvador said.

The young man said the silent protest was an effective way to communicate their message without being disruptive.

“We don’t need anger in here,” he continued, “we can do it in a peaceful way.”

Franciscan University student Marissa Ramos explained how she was moved to join the protest after organizers issued an invitation on campus.

“Something clicked in my head that said that this needed to happen, and that we needed more people and that we needed this voice to be heard,” she said.

Salvador concurred. “The stance on life can’t be ignored.”