VANCOUVER, Aug 22, 2001 ( – Notorious Canadian abortionist Ellen Wiebe of Vancouver has been experimenting with the pain relief drug fentanyl. In a study published in the July issue of the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology (2001;185:103-7), Wiebe reports that the study aimed “to find out whether intravenous fentanyl was effective in reducing the pain of first-trimester abortion.” According to the write-up, pain “reduction was of questionable clinical significance and was less than desired by the women included in the study.”

Last month LifeSite reported that Weibe was experimenting with aromatherapy to reduce anxiety in women undergoing abortions. A write-up of the study in the journal, Effective Clinical Practice (Jul-Aug 2000), showed that Wiebe had patients sniff either essential oils or hair conditioner for 10 minutes. There was no helpful effect found with the aromatherapy.

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(with files from Judie Brown of American Life League)