OTTAWA, October 16, 2001 ( – A study published in today’s release of the Canadian Medical Association Journal finds that the birth control pill is linked to a 20-30% increased risk of bone fractures. The large study looked at a national sample of 524 women aged 25-45 years culled from data of the Canadian Multicentre Osteoporosis Study. It found that the pill was associated with a clinically significant decrease in bone density.

The study is likely to be used as more evidence in a UK court trial set for January 2002 where three pharmaceutical companies which manufacture the pill are being sued by women. Lawyers representing the families of 122 women who said they were not warned of the potential side effects of the pill, including potentially fatal blood clots.

In July a Dutch study published in the British Medical Journal confirmed long-held suspicions that the birth control pill had been found to increase the chances of potentially fatal blood clots.

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