LONDON, England, Aug. 17 ( – The Aug. 14 BBC news reported on North American research that indicates that pain suffered by newborn and premature babies “is likely to cause long-term changes to behaviour”.

Researchers at Washington, British Columbia and Arkansas medical institutions have uncovered increasing evidence of long-term effects of pain and stress on infants. Lead researcher Dr.  Fran Lang Porter reports in the current issue of Developmental and Behavioural Pediatrics that “Pain and stress have been shown to induce significant behavioural reactions in new-born infants, even those born prematurely”.

This study gives further credibility to an Aug. 8 report on UK research on pain felt by pre-born children. The UK project “revealed that babies in the womb not only feel pain but are more sensitive to pain than adults and older children thus feeling pain more intensely and for longer duration”. Abortions are therefore likely an intensely painful experience for at least later-term babies.

See the BBC report:
Infant pain may have long-term effects