Study: Mothers Care Best for Toddlers, Daycare is Disastrous and Even Relatives Are Lacking



LONDON, England, October 4, 2005, (—Â A study, the results of which were reported in The Independent yesterday, indicates that toddlers who are looked after by their mothers develop significantly better than those cared for by nurseries, childminders or relatives.

The report, presented by Penelope Leach, president of the National Childminders’ Association and one of the co-authors, shows that toddlers given nursery care fared worst of all. According to The Independent these children “exhibited higher levels of aggression and were inclined to become more compliant, withdrawn or sad.” Those under the care of relatives fared somewhat better.

The research, which involved 1,200 children and their families in the London and Oxfordshire area, showed that “youngsters looked after by childminders and nannies came second in terms of their development to those who stayed at home with mother.”

The report confirms other studies that show that young children develop best when in the care of a parent, usually the mother, in a loving environment. The report also showed that institutionalized daycare, as proposed by many governments, is detrimental to the development of toddlers.


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