Poll: Majority Of Canadians Do Not Consider Abortion Immoral

OTTAWA, February 18, 2002 ( – A Leger Marketing poll on “Canadians and Immorality” conducted between January 8 and January 13 has found that nearly 73% of Canadians consider Canada a “moral” country. However, the morality is seriously flawed with the poll showing only a minority consider abortion immoral whereas the most universally condemned act in the poll was shoplifting.

41.8% of Canadians define abortion as immoral while 47.5% do not believe it to be so, says the poll which claims a margin of error of 2.6%, 19 times out of 20. Comparatively, 89.3% of Canadians believed shoplifting to be immoral.

Extramarital relationships rank second in the immorality scale with 80.8% of Canadians condemning this type of behaviour. Suicide is immoral according to 61.8% of the population. 32.1% of Canadians indicated that homosexuality constitutes immoral behaviour. Doctor-assisted suicide of a person who is ill is considered immoral by 31.3% of Canadians. 27.3% of Canadians find pre-marital sex immoral. Divorce is immoral according to 22.3% of Canadians.

As with other polls the results demonstrate that universities are seriously corrupting morality. Comparing results on morality of those who attended university to those who did not one finds 50.4% of people who have not gone past high school find abortion immoral versus 30.5% of university-educated Canadians. Similar ratios of non-university attending to university attending finds: 40.3% to 23.9% on homosexuality; 86.8% to 68.2% on taking hard drugs; 84.3% to 63.5% on prostitution; 85.8% to 55.7% on alcohol abuse; 78.3% to 45.3% on suicide; 68.9% to 29.1% on swearing; 38.7% to 21.0% on pre-marital sex.

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