By James Tillman

PHILADELPHIA, PA, June 3, 2010 (—Dr. Theresa Deisher, founder of the pro-life Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute, presented a study revealing the link between autism and aborted fetal DNA in vaccinations at the International Meeting for Autism Research in May.

“The temporal connection between the introduction of aborted fetal DNA and autism rises is found over decades and across continents,” Dr. Deisher told LifeSiteNews. “This temporal connection is more compelling than any mercury connection,” which, she said, had no temporal connection to rising rates of autism.

As the abstract of the study indicates, autism rates in the US and the UK began to increase around the same time that the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine switched from using animal cells to using human cells that had been derived from aborted fetuses.

The use of such cells means that the vaccine might contain residual human DNA fragments. Dr. Deisher told LSN that “short fragments of human DNA residuals in vaccines present two well-documented potential physiological dangers” and “the possibility for auto-immune reactions.” While the immune system recognizes the DNA as foreign, its similarity to an individual’s own DNA can cause the immune system to attack parts of the individual’s own body.

Another danger springs from the length of the DNA fragments. Residual DNA fragments consisting of less than 250 base pairs (bp) have been shown to have a higher probability of entering the nucleus of human cells. Once inside the nucleus, short DNA fragments can integrate with the genome of the cell. The probability of integration is 1 billion times greater with DNA from the same species than with DNA from another species, according to the abstract.

The study explained that, as the average human DNA fragment length in the rubella vaccine is 220bp, it would be especially likely to enter the nucleus of a cell. Moreover, 25 of the “recombination hotspots” where the DNA fragment could likely combine are located in some of the autism-associated genes (AAG). Thus, such recombination could be one of the causes of autism.

According to SCPI, before children received many vaccinations and before vaccines contained aborted fetal DNA, only about 1 of 10,000 children was diagnosed with autism, whereas now 1 of 150 is diagnosed.

Sound Choice is working to provide further evidence of a causal association between residual human DNA and autism. “In order to definitively prove the connection, one would want to see these vaccines all replaced and autism rates go down immediately,” Dr. Deisher told LSN.

Sound Choice also plans to look at historical databases for more evidence of correlation, to evaluate a mouse model of autism using mouse DNA fragments, and to attempt to determine the exact location where human DNA fragments enter the human genome.

The pro-life organization Children of God for Life praised Sound Choice and its companion organization Ave Maria Biotechnology for their crucial research.

“Until the advent of AVM Biotechnology and their non-profit arm SCPI we had little hope that anyone would invest the time and money to do this study”, stated Children of God for Life founder Debi Vinnedge.

“Dr. Deisher’s work is a blessing to hundreds of thousands of families, if not millions worldwide,” Vinnedge continued. “She is a direct answer to our prayers for a biotech company focused solely on moral research and ethically produced vaccines and therapeutics.”

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