NEW YORK, NY, Aug 23 (LSN) – The June edition of Contraception (known as “The Official Journal of the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals”) contains original research showing that the mifepristone/misoprostol (RU-486) chemical abortion method has an 18.3%  total failure rate. The study, a comparison between suction curettage and medical abortions,  flies in the face of the recent questionable evidence previously amassed on the drug by pro-  abortion crusaders.  With RU-486 having been legalized in much of Europe and scheduled to be unleashed in the US and Canada this fall, the study’s findings are of great importance. A summary report notes that of the 178 test subjects “four mifepristone subjects required curettage for acute bleeding, nine to manage ongoing pregnancy, and five for incomplete abortion.” It continues:  “Fourteen mifepristone subjects… required curettage for persistent bleeding. Medical subjects experienced significantly longer bleeding and…reported significantly greater pain,  and nausea or vomiting.”  The report concludes: “Women receiving mifepristone/misoprostol are more likely to require an unplanned surgical intervention than women who undergo suction curettage. They experience more discomfort with their procedure and in the follow-up interval, bleed for a longer period,  and remain at risk for surgical completion curettage for several weeks.  The Study is entitled “Outcomes of Suction and Curettage and Mifepristone Abortion in the United States” and was authored by Jensen, Astley, Morgan and Nichols.  It is available from:   For more on RU-486 entry into Canada see: