TORONTO, Sept 21 ( – A study released today by the condom company Durex reveals that Canadian children begin sexual promiscuity at a younger age than children in other countries around the world. Results of the 1999 Durex(R) Global Sex Survey, which questioned youth aged 16-21 in 14 countries, indicates that Canadian children are tied with those in the U.S.  for the earliest ventures into promiscuity – beginning on average at age 15.

Both Canada and the US extensively market provocative “sex education” to young children;  youths themselves have tied such “education” to their promiscuity. Earlier this month a 14 year-old boy in England who had impregnated his 12-year-old girlfriend blamed graphic sex education for his behaviour. After boasting that he had had sex with 10 other girls, the boy said: “It is the school’s responsibility, showing us videos of men and women naked. After all, we are just children.” Not surprisingly, the condom manufacturer demands more sex education rather than the termination of today’s failed agenda.