By John-Henry Westen

  NEW YORK, February 21, 2007 ( – America’s largest abortion provider Planned Parenthood is launching a wireless phone business.  Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA), according to its 2004-2005 annual report, showed a record income of $882 million dollars and a profit of $63 million.

  The new service, Planned Parenthood Wireless, will provide 10% of revenues generated directly to PPFA. The wireless company facilitating this venture is called Working Assets. It also worked with Planned Parenthood for the defeat of the South Dakota abortion ban.

“Both our organizations are committed to preserving the right to choose and Planned Parenthood Wireless offers a powerful activism platform,” said Working Assets CEO Laura Scher.

  Planned Parenthood aborted more babies in 2005 than in any previous year, ending the lives of more than 255,015 children by surgical abortion. That number does not include the vast number of deaths caused by the sale of chemical abortion drugs, the morning after pill and abortifacient contraceptives, a major source of Planned Parenthood’s income.

  The abortion chain operates more than 800 centers across the United States. A report obtained by American Life League’s STOPP International last January revealed the organization operated 173 surgical abortion centers, 57 medical abortion facilities and 595 locations that distribute products causing early chemical abortions.

  Despite continuing to promote itself as an adoption referral service, the organization also set a new record in the ratio of abortions to adoption referrals it carried out in the past year, at 180 abortions per 1 referral for adoption.