CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas, May 17 ( – “From the first moment you are pregnant, you are a mom (and) women deprived of a child through miscarriage should also be recognized on special days,  like Mother’s Day,” say those supporting mothers of children who have died during pregnancy.  Janet Tischler of Parsippany, N.J., who founded the 1,000-member Miscarriage Infant Death Stillbirth Support Group (MIDS)  in 1982 says that women must often suffer in silence because miscarriage is a taboo subject.

The groups seeks public permission to grieve the loss of their stillborn babies. The Scripps Howard News Service today features the story of a family who with the help of their church gave their stillborn child a name, and a proper burial. They also received a note and flowers from the bishop of their Diocese of Corpus Christi.