Thaddeus Baklinski


Supporters of Mary Wagner encourage letters of support after pro-life heroine sent back to jail

Thaddeus Baklinski

TORONTO, March 23, 2012 ( - Friends and supporters are urging pro-lifers to write letters to jailed pro-life heroine Mary Wagner following a hearing on March 21 where Mr. Justice S. Ford Clements sent her back to jail for an additional 92 days, added to 88 days she already served prior to trial, after finding her guilty of mischief and two counts of failing to comply with probation orders.

Not only did the Ontario Court of Justice judge put Mary back in jail, but he launched into an angry diatribe accusing her of being cowardly and abusive.

“She can sit in jail, if that’s the only way to protect people,” Clements railed, calling Wagner “cowardly” for “abusing other human beings” and not having the courage to make her views known through other channels. “This is an extraordinary waste of resources. Get a grip!”

“You’re wrong and your God’s wrong,” he continued. “You have complete contempt … There is a right to (abortion) in this country … You don’t have a right to cause (abortion-seeking women) extra pain and grief the way you do.”

Mary’s friend and supporter Gordon Truscott told LifeSiteNews, “If ever there were a time to write letters it is when one of our members has been unjustly used. Please contact anyone who can write and get them to write regularly to Mary.”

“Not only will she appreciate people thinking of her but it’s one of only a few ways that we have of pushing for justice,” Truscott added.

To send a letter or card to Mary in prison:

Mary Wagner
Vanier Centre for Women
655 Martin St., Box 1040
Milton, ON   L9T 5E6

Please follow these guidelines because the prison mailing department reads everything sent to the inmates:

1. Don’t use stickers (address, return address, pro-life) on the envelope or card.

2. Don’t send any laminated cards, bookmarks, prayer cards, pro-life pamphlets. Non-laminated items will get to her.

3. Don’t ask direct questions about daily activity of the detention centre.

4. Put your address directly in the card or letter. (Sometimes the mail sorter keeps the envelope.)

5. If you would like to send a monetary gift, it must be a money order made out to “Mary Wagner”. The detention centre will deposit the money directly to her account.

6. Many people add a variety of Christian reading material in their mailings, but a maximum of one or two pages of reading material or pamphlets may be sent. Pro-life material that shows the development of the baby but not post-abortion photos is permissible and often shared with other women in the prison. Books should not be sent because they will not be delivered.

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