OTTAWA, August 15, 2003 ( – In a press conference yesterday, Liberals, Senator Anne Cools and MP Roger Gallaway announced their application to attain intervenor status at the Supreme Court of Canada to argue that the Court should refuse to answer the questions asked by the Government of Canada in its reference on the homosexual ‘marriage’ bill.  The two parliamentarians explained they were seeking “interested persons” status in order to “ask the Court to decline to answer the reference questions because to answer them would be to involve the Court in partisan politics, and this is not consistent with the Constitution nor with the public interest.”

Senator Cools asserted that (for the courts) “to redefine marriage is an unconstitutional action …. Because such a re-definition of marriage may only be achieved by a formal constitutional amendment” which requires both approval by both federal and provincial governments.  The parliamentarians charged that the Ontario Court of Appeal in imposing homosexual ‘marriage’ “performed a parliamentary and legislative role, not a judicial function.”“We submit that it would be unfortunate if the Supreme Court of Canada found itself the political tool of a cabinet minister to silence reasonable, critical and legitimate debate about important matters of public policy; to be a political tool to silence the representative role of Members of Parliament.”