VANCOUVER, January 19, 2006 ( – Five political parties will be attempting to fill the riding left vacant in 2005 after the death of popular independent MP, Chuck Cadman. The two traditional marriage supporting and pro-life leaning candidates are the CHP’s Kevin Pielak and the Conservative’s Dave Matta.

Election of any candidate in this riding is far from certain. However, the New Democratic Party’s Penny Priddy, who currently appears to be the front runner, received a boost when she was endorsed by the Chuck Cadman family.

Conservative candidate Matta was expected to be an openly pro-life, pro-traditional marriage candidate in the riding but, aside from a brief paragraph in a letter stating he considers himself to be pro-life, he has kept resolutely silent on stating any specific positions on the life issues.

Matta has indicated, as directed by the party, that he believes doing so will harm his election chances. He, did, however, make a statement in a letter that he supports the traditional definition of marriage.

Christian Heritage candidate Kevin Pielak answered pro-life to all the Campaign Life Coalition questions and answered that he would vote in favour of the traditional definition of marriage.

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