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LAKE CHARLES, Louisiana, July 19, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — A gathering this weekend on the Louisiana Gulf Coast may soon prove to have been a turning point in the sexual revolution as experts and activists layed out strategies to win back the many professions that have been corrupted by decades of the sexual revolution’s anti-life, anti-marriage, anti-child, anti-gender and anti-Christian ideologies.     

Hosted by the Ruth Institute, the 4th Annual Summit for the Survivors of the Sexual Revolution obliterated the foundation of lies upon which the sexual revolution has been built, dismantling it brick by brick, using facts and truth-telling. 

“The sexual revolution is irrational. It’s impossible. It can’t stand on its own. It needs force. It needs propaganda. It is a totalitarian ideology that no Christian should have anything to do with,” said Jennifer Roback Morse, founder of the Ruth Institute at the outset of the two-day event.   

Roback Morse explained that much of that force has come from professionals in education, medicine and therapy, law, journalism, library science, and even research science who have become agents of the sexual revolution, aiding in the undermining of the family, marriage, and the complementarity of man and woman.      

The sexual revolution is the creation of the global ruling class and has always been promoted from the top-down, often with force and power of government, said Roback Morse.   

“The state is complicit,” the author of The Sexual State noted, “and is sometimes the root cause.”   

“The global ruling class, no matter how powerful it may be, cannot implement everything it needs to get done all by itself.  They need the help and cooperation of competent, trained people, namely, people in the professions,” she continued. 

The point of this summit is “to identify the ways in which we can stop doing their work and make it harder, not easier, for them” to achieve their goals.  

Politicized science is propaganda, fraught with lies  

“We are in an age of falsehood,” observed Fr. Paul Sullins, former professor of sociology at the Catholic University of America in Washington D.C., and currently a senior research associate at the Ruth Institute.  

“It is not just in journalism or popular media that the news has become fake,” said Sullins.  “Science itself has become politicized, with well-connected and influential groups working to suppress evidence they don’t like and promote false conclusions that serve their purposes.” 

“I encourage you not to believe or accept the falsehoods of today’s politicized science, but also, more importantly, to speak the truth in any way you can,” urged Sullins, who used charts to show how research is manipulated to affect change in public opinion and policy.   

Renowned human behavior expert Susan Constantine demonstrated how some tear-jerking, pro-LGBT testimonials have been fabricated, and retired psychologist Laura Haynes showed that assertions made by medical and therapeutic professionals are often demonstrably false, employing lies to silence reasoned opposition and advance the cause of the revolution.   

In a presentation that revealed the power that the abortion industry has wielded to cultivate future clientele through public schools, Sharon Slater, president of Family Watch International and the chair of the U.N. Family Rights Caucus, asked, “What kind of an organization would show sexually graphic images to children under the guise of sex education” and “profits from sexualizing children and selling: condoms, abortion, hormones, contraceptives, comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) programs, and sexual counseling?”  

“Meet the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF),” said Slater. “They’re after the hearts and minds of our children.” The IPPF plays a crucial role in many major U.N. programs aimed at children.  

A panel of three doctors —  Dr. Michael Parker, representative from the Catholic Medical Association; Dr. Quentin Van Meter, president of the American College of Pediatricians; and Dr. Donna Harrison, executive director of the American Association of Pro-Life Ob-GYNs – talked about how they were forced to form or join alternative medical associations after realizing that mainstream professional societies, including the once-venerable American Medical Association (AMA), which have been compromised by the sexual revolution.   

Many professions have a fiscal interest in advancing the Sexual Revolution and maintaining its foundational falsehoods as true and so have no interest standing against it.   

Family lawyers, family law courts, and social workers owe their livelihoods to our robust divorce culture; abortion is a thriving, multi-billion dollar industry employing medical professionals who profit from our throwaway culture; sexually active homosexuals depend on drug manufacturers in order to maintain some semblance of health; and the transgender contagion among young people now promises ever-increasing future prosperity for gender-affirming doctors and pharmaceutical corporations who produce the drugs and hormones required to for individuals to both transition and de-transition. Big Pharma wins either way.  

Watch your language 

Many of the speakers cautioned that the use of now-commonly used terms introduced by sexual revolutionary forces often constitutes a capitulation to those forces.  

“Revolutionaries are very good at crafting language,” said Roback Morse. “Some of these ideological words have a whole ideology baked into them.” 

“Unwanted pregnancy,” “unplanned pregnancy,” “family planning,” and “born that way” are terms that have been crafted “to achieve a particular ideological objective,” said Roback Morse. “It is almost never in your interest to use those words, so you’ve got to think carefully about what you want to say.”   

Roback Morse said that she learned by experience not to use the term “same-sex marriage” because there’s no such thing. It’s not marriage: It’s a legal innovation removing the gender requirement for marriage. “Every time I say ‘same-sex marriage,’ I’m carrying water for the other [side].” 

“There are certain words which are live hand grenades that have been rolled onto the field by your opponent.  If you pick it up, you’re going to die,” she warned. “Don't pick it up. Let it sit there.”