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October 8, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — The Susan B. Anthony List knows a thing or two about censorship. Three years ago, Twitter banned one of their ads for including a quote from Mother Teresa, the world-famous nun who is now considered a saint in the Catholic Church.

Prudence Robertson works in the communication department for the Susan B. Anthony List, which is based in Washington, D.C. and works to elect pro-life politicians. She recently sat down with LifeSiteNews as part of our ongoing series Uncensored: Big Tech vs. Free Speech to explain how social media giants have unfairly targeted them for their pro-life messaging in recent years..

“It’s very frustrating that the majority of Big Tech groups continue to ignore us and continue to censor us. It's been difficult to to fight this censorship,” Robertson explains. “It's frustrating to see that they don't value our pro-life speech and that they're not willing to just give us a platform for conversation.”

Robertson pointed to several particular instances of censorship to support her claim that “Big Tech is becoming complicit with Big Abortion.”

“In 2018, when the election was coming around,” she began, “Facebook banned our ads, stopped them so that we could not reach pro-life voters and key persuadable voters, just weeks and days before the election…that’s critical for us to be able to reach those important voters.”

“And platforms like Twitter and TikTok and Pinterest have completely banned our friends at Live Action for their powerful, inspiring videos that expose the truth about abortion.”

Robertson said that despite the clear bias of Big Tech, she and her colleagues at the Susan B. Antony List are determined to fight back, and that they are using other platforms like Parler to get their message out.

“It hasn’t stopped us from standing up for the truth…we are as motivated as ever to reach voters and explain to them the extremism of the Democrat Party.”

“This election is a matter of life or death and President Trump will continue to fight for us in the White House as long as each and every pro-life voter gets out and votes.”

“I think the number one thing is to vote for President Trump, because in November it's the Party of Death versus the Party of Life. President Trump will fight for life and Biden and Harris is the most radical pro-abortion ticket. It is crucial that each and every pro-life voter go out and vote.”

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