Susan Torres Dies After Receiving the Last Sacraments of the Catholic Church

Thu Aug 4, 2005 - 12:15 pm EST

  ARLINGTON, VA, August 4, 2005 ( – After spending over twelve weeks hooked up to life-support in order that she might carry her baby to viability, 27-year-old Susan Torres, who has been medically brain-dead since collapsing from aggressive melanoma on May 7, has been given her final rest. Just one day after giving birth to Susan Anne Catherine Torres, Susan Torres Sr.‘s life support was turned off after she received he Last Sacrament of the Roman Catholic Church.

Susan Torres“He’s hanging in,” said Justin Torres about his brother Jason, Susan’s husband. “It was a very difficult two days with a lot of ups and downs. But we knew for 12 weeks that yesterday was coming. That’s still not enough time to prepare you. But he’s hanging in. He’s certainly very happy to see this baby.”

According to Dr. Christopher McCanus who cared for Susan, the baby had less than 25% chances of making it. The further fear that Susan may have passed the melanoma to her baby through the placenta has also been alleviated.

“She’s a beautiful baby,” said Dr. Donna Tilden-Archer in an interview on The Early Show. “I checked in on her this morning. And she’s breathing on her own. And she’s only requiring a very small amount of oxygen. She was sleeping on her tummy very peacefully, doing quite well.”

Jason Torres issued a statement, saying: “We thank all of those who prayed and provided support for Susan, the baby and our family. We especially thank God for giving us little Susan. My wife’s courage will never be forgotten.”


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