MONTGOMERY, August 27, 2003 ( – Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, suspended last week by a state judicial ethics panel for disobeying a federal order to remove the 5,000-pound granite Ten Commandments monument from the state courthouse, is standing firm.  “Should I keep back my opinions at a time like this?” he declared at a rally for supporters. Moore argued that Christians find many things offensive—including abortion, sodomy and other artwork in Montgomery’s federal court building. “Today I stand before you not because I’ve done anything wrong. … I stand before you because I’ve kept my oath,” he said, adding that critics “are offended at looking at God’s words.”  Meanwhile WorldNetDaily reports that Dr. James Dobson is urging his 3 million radio listeners nationwide to head to Montgomery in a show of support.  Dobson told listeners yesterday that “There’s much more at stake here. This is part of a larger plan to remove every vestige of faith or reverence for God from the public square. That’s where this is headed.”

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