By John-Henry Westen

  STOCKHOLM, February 12, 2007 ( – An impending amendment to the current Abortion Act in Sweden will allow Swedish abortionists to abort the children of women from other countries, including countries which protect the right to life of their unborn citizens.  The controversial measure which would offer abortion-on-demand during the first eighteen weeks of pregnancy, has drawn criticism from a noted professor of EU legislation and international pro-life leaders.

Goran Hagglund  Swedish Minister of Health and Social Affairs, Mr Göran Hägglund announced the coming legislation last month.  In response, Ulf Bernitz a professor of European Union Law at Stockholm University was quoted in the nation’s second largest paper, Svenska Dagbladet, Friday referring to the proposed abortion amendment as lacking in “judicial reason”.

  The government says that the new legislative proposal is being urged by the European Union.  However, Professor Bernitz called the suggestion, “almost bizarre.”  He said, “It is totally wrong that EU would demand that Sweden would supply care which is illegal in other countries. It is almost bizarre.”

  The EU law professor also suggested that Sweden might find itself in violation of the sovereign rights of other nations should it follow the proposed course.  “Sweden might get in trouble if it introduces a legislation that causes conflict with other countries’ legislation,” he said.

  That concern was echoed in a letter sent to Minister Hägglund yesterday by the International Right to Life Federation.  “The International pro-life community finds this proposal intolerable and an affront to national sovereignty,” said the letter a copy of which was obtained by  “How can you propose that your country imposing your views in favour of abortion on other nations, by aborting the children of foreign nationals, when their countries uphold the right to life of unborn children, and thus consider those unborn children citizens?”

  The letter concluded: “It is an affront to other nations to kill their citizens on your soil, even if the Swedish government does not recognize those foreign citizens as persons, if they are considered such by foreign nations, you should at least respect their sovereignty regarding determination of personhood and citizenship.”

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