OTTAWA, Feb 9 (LifeSiteNews) – The Toronto Star reported yesterday that the Liberal government is set to introduce an omnibus bill Thursday or Friday which would alter more than 60 federal statutes to grant legal equality between married spouses and homosexual couples.  While the terminology of “spouse” and “marriage” will be retained for heterosexual unions, the relationships would be treated as on par with regard to pensions, income tax, immigration,  and other matters.

LifeSite has learned that a cabinet meeting was held yesterday on the subject and a Liberal Caucus briefing meeting on the issue of “Modernizing Benefits and Obligations” (for same-sex couples) is set for today over the noon hour. The briefing will be provided by Ministers McLellan, Martin, Stewart, Robillard and Caplan and is restricted to Members of Parliament only – even MP’s staff are not allowed to attend.

The legislation is expected to come up against fierce opposition by religious and family groups. Pro-family groups were stunned by the undemocratic ramming through of Ontario’s pro-homosexual legislation in only three days and say they are not willing to allow a repeat on the federal scene. Real Women Canada, Canada Family Action Coalition, Focus on the Family,  the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada and the Catholic Church, Orthodox, Jewish and Muslim groups are expected to respond to the proposals.

Similar legislation has been proposed the world over and the battle boils down to the preservation of the natural family. Pope John Paul II addressed the issue with politicians in Rome on January 13 when the regional government proposed laws granting homosexual partners and other cohabiters some of the same rights as married couples. “I ask authorities to avoid any initiative which could favor or guarantee legal equality between the family and other forms of living together,” he said. “A natural society is founded on matrimony.”

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