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Bishop Marian Eleganti

(LifeSiteNews) — Swiss Bishop Marian Eleganti warned about heresies entering into the Church through the Synodal process in a Lenten reflection. He also criticized the repeated use of the term “inclusivity” and stressed that the Church is also exclusive when it comes to sin.

Major synodal processes are underway around the world,” Eleganti said in a video message, “and the term inclusivity comes up very often. 

All should come to know the Lord and find their home in the bosom of the Church through faith and baptism. But there is also exclusivity in the good sense of the word,” the Swiss bishop explained. 

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When I own a house, I naturally want to welcome anyone who is a friendly and honest guest in my house, but I close my house to thieves,” he continued. There I am exclusive. We must not lose these distinctions.

Of course, we want everyone to be at home in the Church. This includes also the so-called minorities that are always the subject of the word inclusion. Homosexuals, the divorced and remarried, to just name a few. But this inclusion does not mean that we approve of everything, that we no longer call out sin.”

“We love the people, but we reject, with Christ, with God, the sin. We distinguish between right and wrong, between good and evil, between orthodox in the sense of the faith of the Church, and heretical, where opinions and positions are held that simply contradict the faith of the Church. There we must be exclusive. 

Eleganti said that in the Church Councils of the past, the term “anathema sit” (let him be anathema) was often used to express that people who hold certain positions cannot be part of the Universal Church. He furthermore stressed that we have to be exclusive regarding the spirit of the Antichrist. 

Of course, we can’t cultivate a welcoming culture here. Rather, we must be exclusive in the best sense of the word so that the Church and the simple hearts do not suffer any damage,” he said. 

And perhaps it would be necessary to remove from office bishops who obviously hold heretical views and think in categories that are more political, sociological, but not sacramental, mystical and not in the good sense of the word theological.” 

“We don’t need Reformation 2.0, but a real renewal of thought,” he said. “This begins first and foremost in the heart of the individual.” 

The Swiss bishop concluded his message by wishing all viewers a blessed Lent. 

In November 2022 Eleganti condemned Pope Francis’ Synod on Synodality as a “marketing campaign for heresy. He also criticized the heterodox German Synodal Way, which openly calls for a change in the Catholic Church’s immutable teaching on sexuality and its anthropology. 

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