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Editor’s note: This article contains a homoerotic image published by the Swiss Bishops Conference.  

(LifeSiteNews) — The Swiss Bishops‘ Conference has issued a statement welcoming Fiducia supplicans, the controversial new Vatican declaration that allows the blessing of same-sex couples under certain conditions. 

The majority of the world’s prelates so far have sought to defend and downplay Pope Francis’ new declaration despite the unchangeable Catholic teaching that the Church cannot bless sinful relationships. 

“The decision [by the Vatican] is in line with the Swiss bishops’ desire for an open Church that takes people in different relationship situations seriously, respects and accompanies them,” the Swiss Bishop’s December 19 statement reads. 

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“[Fiducia supplicans] explicitly permits the blessing of same-sex couples for the first time and states that the Church has expanded and enriched its understanding of blessings.” 

“In particular, the pastoral ideals of Pope Francis were decisive for this.” 

“The bishops emphasize that a blessing is a gift from God that belongs to all people who ask for it,” the statement continues. 

“The desire for a blessing shows that the people concerned wish to enter into a relationship with God that brings salvation. By taking the step of making the blessing of couples in various relationship situations possible, the Church recognizes this desire for everyone.” 

“The declaration ‘Fiducia supplicans’ shows that the Church offers a place for all people. The bishops are aware that such a Church requires tolerance and mutual respect. The discussions in the Holy Spirit that took place this year as part of the synod on synodality opened up a wide space for this.” 

“With the declaration that has now been published, the Church shows that it has taken the synodal concerns seriously and, also in continuity with the Apostolic Exhortation ‘Amoris laetitia,’ is consistently fulfilling its mission of pastoral care for all people,” the statements concluded. 

Above the statement on the Swiss Bishops’ Conference website, an erotic picture of two men approaching each other for a kiss is displayed. The photo is blended with an image of a church in the background. 

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The heterodox Vatican Declaration on the blessings of same-sex couples was also welcomed and praised by heads of the German and Austrian bishops’ Conferences. However, the bishops of Malawi have officially declared that no blessing of any kind can be given for same-sex unions of any kind in that country. Bishops in Kazakhstan have stated that blessings may not be performed over “couples in an irregular situation and same-sex couples.”  

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