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(LifeSiteNews) — The official website of the Swiss Catholic bishops is calling for an apostolic investigation into one of those bishops for his criticism of Pope Francis. 

In a recent video, Bishop Vitus Huonder, a former ordinary of the Swiss diocese of Chur, described Pope Francis’ reign as a “pontificate of rupture” that “breaks with tradition.”, the official news site of the Catholic bishops in Switzerland, responded by publishing an opinion piece by its editor-in-chief, Charles Martig. 

Martig called for an apostolic investigation into Huonder and accused traditional Catholics of “dividing the Church.” He claimed that they “pose a threat.” 

“As long as the Vatican allows Vitus Huonder to function under the title of Bishop Emeritus of Chur, the church authorities will remain untrustworthy,” Martig wrote. 

“The only viable way is an apostolic investigation.” 

Martig revealed not only his disdain for Huonder and the Society of St. Pius X. (SSPX) but for traditional Catholics and the Traditional Latin Mass in general. 

“With their backs to the people [sic], Latin prayers, and lots of glamour,” he said. “That’s how the followers of the Tridentine Mass love it. They defend their ancient rite – and criticize Pope Francis for his letter ‘Traditionis custodes,’ published in July 2021.” 

“Since he clearly spoke out against the old rite of Mass and tightened the rules, the traditionalists have been up in arms,” Martig continued. “A limit has been reached. This is where the Vatican should intervene now.” 

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“It is a scandal that a former bishop of Switzerland is leaving the Roman Catholic Church and defecting to the Society of St. Pius X,” Martig wrote. “This fraternity, which goes by the acronym FSSPX, is outside the church.” 

While the question over the status of SSPX is still disputed in Catholic circles, Huonder has declared that Pope Francis himself told him that priests of the SSPX “are not schismatics.” It is furthermore implausible to claim that Huonder “is leaving the Roman Catholic Church,” because he shares the SSPX’s criticism of the current situation in the Church. 

Martig called on the apostolic nuncio to Switzerland and Liechtenstein, Martin Krebs, to launch an investigation into Huonder. The newsman also criticized the Catholic archbishop of Liechtenstein, Wolfgang Haas, who is known for his orthodoxy. 

“Who could put an end to this scandal?” Martig asked. “Nuncio Martin Krebs. The succession of Wolfgang Haas must be settled. Here, too, a problematic bishop is operating.” 

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The editor-in-chief of the Swiss Catholic news site furthermore seemed to defend the sacrilege committed by a woman who attempted to “concelebrate” a Catholic Mass last year by saying that the Vatican should go after traditional Catholics, instead. 

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“Instead of accusing popular pastors with integrity of ‘liturgical abuse’ and having them investigated by the Vatican authorities, the traditionalists should rather be put on the church’s radar,” he wrote. “For they pose a threat. They cause unrest and divide the church.” is known for its heterodoxy and opposition to traditional Catholic teaching and liturgy. In November 2022, the website even published a puff piece about the pro-abortion movie Call Jane. 

In the recently published video, Huonder criticized Francis for undertaking “acts that are clearly contrary to Tradition.” He explicitly mentioned “syncretistic ritual acts, such as in Canada,” which LifeSiteNews also reported on. 

Pointing to Pope Francis’ documents Traditionis Custodes (2021) and Desiderio Desideravi (2022), Huonder says that “the pope wants to eradicate the traditional Roman liturgy.”

The retired bishop also sees this current pope as an “outspoken supporter of the so-called World Religion.” For many faithful, the prelate adds, this is “a stumbling block.” 

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LifeSiteNews reached out to Bishop Huonder for comment and shall update this report when he responds.