Swiss health economist proposes denying healthcare to ‘corona rebels’

‘It often takes a penalty for the system to work.’
Tue Nov 24, 2020 - 7:22 pm EST
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SWITZERLAND, November 24, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – A Swiss health expert has suggested that “skeptics” of the coronavirus might be denied “their right to intensive care,” saying that “it often takes a penalty for the system to work.” 

In an interview with Swiss news outlet Tamedia, health economist Willy Oggier shared his controversial thoughts on what measures might be put in place to ease the burden on a stretched ICU during an influx of coronavirus-infected patients.

According to Oggier, “corona [skeptics] forfeit their right to an acute bed or an intensive care place in the event of bottlenecks” and that “these people [should] be recorded by name and, in case of doubt, not be given an intensive care bed.” 

It is unclear exactly who Oggier would classify as coronavirus “skeptics” or “rebels.”

Oggier denied that this system punishes those who criticize the government’s response to the coronavirus outbreak, but rather believes that medical professionals will have to make a choice of who to give empty beds to, and that it is “fairer when the self-proclaimed corona rebel is left behind than when it simply hits the oldest patient in the room.” To bolster this statement, Oggier said that “it often takes a penalty for the system to work.”

Oggier went on to say that, although at present it would not be appropriate to mandate a vaccine, after the side effects had been studied mandatory vaccination would make sense. 

Many world leaders are also refusing to rule out mandating citizens be forced to take a coronavirus vaccine. The New York State Bar Association recently advised the state of New York to make vaccination mandatory for all residents.

In lockstep with many European governments, Oggier strongly supports the wearing of face masks in public, decrying a situation he witnessed at Zurich’s main railway station, where citizens supposedly did not heed the police’s request to don a mask. His reaction was that “[t]his can not be!” The claim that masks offer a sure safeguard against the spread of coronavirus is disputed by numerous reputable health professionals.

Oggier also said that, from an economic standpoint, it would be impossible to control the rate of spread of the virus without strict measures in place: “the looser the measures, the more strictly they have to be enforced. Otherwise we won't get the infection numbers under control quickly enough.” The economist also suggested that, in order to swiftly bring about compliance, “[a]n immediate legal basis is needed for hefty fines that can be issued without a long process.”

When asked how this system might be put in place, Oggier responded: “[q]uite simply: Anyone who is reported because they deliberately disregard the rules of distance and hygiene should be responsible for their actions.” Meanwhile, other studies have shown that lockdowns can negatively impact health, education, and employment.

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