GENEVA, June 3, 2002 ( – The Swiss referendum result on Sunday, approving abortion on demand, removes one more pocket of resistance to the Europe-wide embrace of the abortion culture. Now only Poland, Ireland, Portugal and Malta place any restraint on the willful destruction of human life in the womb.  Results from 25 out of 26 cantons showed a 72 per cent victory for the proposal to allow abortions up to the 12th week of pregnancy, compared to anywhere from 10 to 22 weeks in other Western European countries. The results showed 81 per cent rejecting a pro-life counterproposal to ban abortion completely.  Under the new law, a woman can get an abortion based on a “state of distress” which allegedly makes it impossible for her to have the baby. But according to the new rules, a decision to abort can take place only with a specialist’s approval after counselling to determine a threat to the mother’s health and psychological well-being.  The Roman Catholic Swiss bishops’ conference, representing the largest religion in Switzerland said, “The law is not morally acceptable. … The fact that from now on it is possible to end unborn life during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy without punishment opens the door for further dangers to the respect of life both at the start – extension of the period for abortion, removing of a fetus with possible handicaps, etc. – and at its end – euthanasia.”  For more coverage see:   For coverage of comments by the Swiss bishops see:   For how Swiss pro-lifers forced the government to hold a referendum rather than force the law through, see: