Syphilis Rate Rises in US Homosexual and Bisexual Men but Declines in General Population



By John-Henry Westen

  WASHINGTON, April 26, 2007 ( - A study to be published in the upcoming June edition of the American Journal of Public Health has researchers alarmed about growing rates of syphilis among homosexual and bisexual men.

  The overall number of syphilis cases in the United States fell from 50,578 in 1990 to 7,177 in 2003. Nevertheless, homosexual men have seen their rates rise significantly in this decade.

"The entire nation was caught unawares," said study lead author James Heffelfinger, M.D., a medical epidemiologist with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

  The study provides further evidence of the dangers involved with the homosexual lifestyle. reported in March about a study which demonstrated that practicing homosexual men with HIV are 90 times more likely than the general population to develop anal cancer. 

  Other studies have found that in addition to eating disorders, homosexuals experience increased incidences of sexually transmitted diseases, cancer, psychological problems and addiction problems.

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