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(Euthanasia Prevention Coalition) — The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has proposed a new rule for prescribing drugs via telehealth. The rule states that when a person has not seen a medical practitioner and requires a Schedule II medication or narcotic, that the prescription cannot be prescribed via telehealth and the patient would be required to see the medical practitioner in person before receiving the prescription.

This is an important rule in the assisted suicide debate. The assisted suicide lobby wants to provide lethal assisted suicide drugs to people via telehealth and then ship those drugs to the person via courier.

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A person would then be approved for death by lethal drugs without ever being examined by the medical practitioner and receive the lethal drugs by courier.

Last year Vermont passed assisted suicide expansion bill SB 74, permitting assisted suicide by telehealth. The DEA-proposed policy would prevent doctors in Vermont from approving assisted suicide by telehealth. This is important now that Vermont has become a suicide tourist state by eliminating their residency requirement.

Washington state’s assisted suicide expansion bill HB 1281, if passed, will permit assisted suicide drugs to be sent by mail or courier. There is nothing in the Washington state law that excludes approving assisted suicide by telehealth. Approval by telehealth and shipping the lethal drugs by courier will make assisted suicide approving doctors into lethal drug prescribing vending machines.

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To prevent assisted suicide by telehealth, submit a formal comment supporting the Drug Enforcement Administration’s proposed rule change which will prevent Schedule II controlled substances from being prescribed via telehealth.

Follow the link here to submit a formal comment supporting the DEA proposed rule. You can use a similar comment as I have written below:

I support the DEA’s proposed rule change preventing doctors from prescribing schedule II controlled substances via telehealth.

This proposed rule change has a protective effect on every American.

Considering the problem with the abuse of opioids and the growing problem with addiction, the DEA is right to make this change.

Americans need to be assured that controlled substances are not being inappropriately prescribed.

Reprinted with permission from the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition.