ARUSHA, Tanzania, Mar 26 ( – A February report in the Tanzania Daily News noted that Canada has begun a massive developmental aid program in Tanzania. However, simultaneous reports of Tanzania accepting the setup of the abortion behemoth Marie Stopes International in the country with Canadian help has left pro-life international experts very suspicious.

Following revelations of US foreign aid policy being tied to mandatory population control measures it would be no surprise that Canadian foreign policy reflects the same directives.

Next to reports of Canadian investment in Tanzania’s gas plants and other industry, the Daily News revealed that Canada is contributing approximately $5 million towards the Marie Stopes international abortion agency. The report indicates that Canada has “pledged to support Marie Stopes (sic) International in establishing seven family planning and reproductive health clinics (read abortuaries) in the country.”

The Canadian money is to be made available via the Canadian international Development Agency (CIDA). CIDA has shown itself so radically pro-abortion that in some of its studies it has listed reproductive health rights (including abortion) as a “basic human need.”

Marie Stopes is a partner with International Planned Parenthood in promoting worldwide abortion on demand. Stopes gained notoriety in England in July 1997 for its offering of a “lunchtime” abortion service.

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