June 6, 2012 ( – Target is blocking e-mails from people opposed to its new campaign to support the homosexual agenda, according to the American Family Association (AFA).

Target launched a campaign at the end of May to raise money for Family Equality Council (FEC), a group that is opposing legislation that would protect the traditional definition of marriage.

The massive retailer is selling t-shirts through June, which is called National Pride Month, with gay pride flags and slogans on them. The shirts were designed by musician Gwen Stefani.


Target says it will donate 100% of the proceeds from this campaign to Family Equality Council, up to $120,000.

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In response, AFA asked its supporters to send emails to the company’s chairman. AFA provided a draft e-mail urging the company to stop supporting homosexuality that supporters can send from their website.

However, an update on the AFA’s website says that Target is blocking emails that supporters are sending from the site. Supporters are now being asked to send e-mails from their personal address or to call the company with the phone number provided.

“I hope you will not let Target silence your voice. I encourage you to call their corporate office and share your personal thoughts,” AFA said on its website, and encouraged its supporters to call the corporate office.