MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota, July 30, 2012 ( – Target is promoting their wedding registry with a focus on homosexual “marriage”. A new ad released last month depicts two men holding hands with the slogan, “Be yourself, together.”


The retail giant has angered both pro-family and pro-homosexual activists as they have apparently flip-flopped in their approach to same-sex “marriage”.

In 2010 Target faced some backlash from homosexual political groups after they gave $150,000 to MN Forward, a political group that supported Tom Emmer, the pro-life, pro-marriage Republican candidate for governor of Minnesota. More recently they have been criticized for their decision not to sell an album by Frank Ocean, who recently came out as homosexual.

But last month the chain began selling same-sex “marriage” wedding cards, and they have supported pride parades in Minneapolis for a number of years. In May, Target sold gay pride t-shirts ad gave the proceeds to the Family Equality Council, a homosexual political advocacy group.