November 30, 2011 ( -Taxi patrons and drivers in Seville, Spain are receiving the pro-life message in an unusual way: on the doors and backs of local taxis.

According to the Spanish news service Ecclesia Digital, the Taxis Against Abortion program has been in operation since 2005, managed by the local Mairena Pro-Life Association.

Until recently the cabs displayed the message “Yes to Life, No to Abortion,” but have now begun to show the message “No to Abortion—for all you hold dear.”


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The new advertisements show the face of a child in tears. A phone number for more information is also displayed along with a pro-life symbol.

A total of 30 area taxis currently sport the displays, and the drivers are reportedly pleased with the strongly positive responses they receive from patrons.

“The taxi drivers are very pleased with the previous campaigns,” the president of Mairena Pro-Life told La Gaceta in a recent interview. “They often receive congratulations and they tell us that people have agreeable things to say much more often than negative ones, both when they are stopped – because other drivers whistle or make signs of approval – as well as from taxi patrons while they are driving,”

“This infects the taxi drivers, who feel protected, and we have many more who want to display the advertisements than we can pay for,” he added.

To sponsor a taxi, donors can contact the Mairena Pro-Life Association at the following address:

Asociación Pro-Vida – c/ Armenta, 3 – 41510 Mairena del Alcor (Sevilla)
–  [email protected]