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(LifeSiteNews) — A children’s theater in Vancouver, which receives funding from local and federal governments, will host a “drag queen camp” for kids as young as seven this summer.

The Carousel Theatre for Young People (CTYP), an organization that seeks to help children “develop emotional literacy,” has scheduled multiple “drag camps” for July. According to the group’s website, there will be a “junior drag camp” for 7-11-year-olds and a “teen drag camp” for ages 12-17 from July 4-7. An additional camp for the older kids will also take place from July 10-14.

“Do you enjoy expressing yourself through clothing, make-up and performance?” the event’s description reads. “Do you have an alter ego that is just waiting to hit the stage? Our new two-week senior Drag Camp might be just your cup of tea, honey!”

The organization boasts hosting “Vancouver’s established and emerging drag artists” to instruct children “how to access your inner confidence, show your true colours, and maybe even let out that inner diva.”

“You might be wondering, is drag for kids? Drag is for everyone! Parents, ask yourself, what’s the difference between what you wear at home versus what you wear at work? You’re doing drag, honey, you just don’t know it!”

The $460 fee for ages 7-11 and $900 for ages 12-17 will result in four or five full days — from nine in the morning to four in the afternoon — of children being exposed to gender-confused men dressed as women and teaching them how to imitate the sexualized lifestyle. Payments also cover a “drag make-up starter kit” for each child.

Grant data from the Canadian government shows that CTYP has been given $280,849 of federal funding since 2018.

The City of Vancouver Cultural Services, Canada Council for the Arts, and the British Columbia Arts Council are all listed as supporters of CTYP.

Although endorsed by these and other national organizations, others have expressed disapproval of the scheduled summer camps on social media. Maxime Bernier, leader of the People’s Party of Canada (PPC), criticized the event by mocking Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who recently posted support for gender ideology in celebration of the “trans day of visibility.”

“Trudeau: We’ll keep promoting gender ideology and sexual confusion to kids,” Bernier wrote on Twitter. “We’ll keep encouraging hormone blockers and mutilation. We’ll keep criminalizing those who want to help children suffering from gender dysphoria. We’ll keep subsidizing ‘drag camps’ for kids.”

Jenna Ellis, senior legal adviser for Donald Trump’s 2020 U.S. presidential campaign who has previously declared that so-called family-friendly drag events are “child abuse,” also shared her thoughts on Twitter.

“Who thinks taxpayer funds should not go toward the sexual perversion of children?” she wrote.

Unfortunately, the Vancouver drag camp is not the first instance of pushing the LGBT agenda on Canadian children. Like most of the Western world, the country has seen a rising number of drag events for families and kids in the form of performances and drag queen story hours in libraries. The nation’s leader has even gone so far as to appear on a TV drag show himself.

In March, LifeSiteNews reported that a Christian pastor was forcibly removed from a public library for protesting one such event, preaching that “homosexuality is a sin.” Similarly, a new bylaw passed by the Calgary City Council seeks to further limit similar reactions to sexualized events, prohibiting individuals from protesting LGBT events at public venues.


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