TORONTO, Sept 20 ( – Freedom of information documentation obtained through the assistance of Interim reporter Frank Kennedy was published in Sept. 14-27 issue of the Toronto Free Press. It reveals that Ontario taxpayers have paid millions of dollars in rent for the facilities of famed Canadian abortionist Henry Morgentaler.

The paper notes that for the 1997-98 year taxpayers shelled out $567,325. “Currently half way through a 10-year lease on Morgentaler’s 727 Hillsdale Ave. E. abortion clinic, taxpayers have already paid $2,611,828.  Morgentaler’s rent will exceed $5,000,000,” says the report.  he paper reports that on top of what Morgentaler charges the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) to perform the abortions, he is paid another $1,500,000 tax dollars through the Independent Health Facilities Act Funding.

Other abortuaries receive similar funding:  “Choice in Health receives $1,200,000. The Scott Clinic receives $1,000,000, while the  Cabbagetown Clinic receives only $600,000.” The approximate cost to Canadians for killing 100,000 babies in 1992-93 was $55,964,593. Since then the numbers and costs have grown substantially.  This extra special funding of elective private abortion services by OHIP has continued unabated under three different government administrations which indicates the extraordinary influence that the abortion industry has on government.