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Aric Babbitt

SOUTH ST. PAUL, Minnesota, September 7, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) — A homosexual elementary school teacher, who was “married” to another man, killed himself and his “husband” in an apparent murder-suicide after the two were allegedly caught having inappropriate contact with students, according to Dakota County court documents.

Forty-year-old Aric Babbitt and 36-year-old Matthew Deyo were under investigation for regularly taking adolescent boys on overnight trips, specifically boys who identified as possibly gay, with parental approval, even though the men were openly homosexual. 

According to court records, Babbitt assured parents that he was “mentoring” their children, and when questioned about inappropriate gifts he gave them, such as underwear and skimpy yoga shorts, Babbitt told the parents that they wouldn't understand because “It's a gay thing.”

Investigators found that instead of mentoring, they took nude pictures together with the students, showed them pornography, gave them alcohol and marijuana, “massaged” them, took them to gay pride events, bought porn subscriptions for them to post their own naked photos online, and told them to communicate via social media without their parents' knowledge. 

The two adults also planted a hidden camera in their bathroom and encouraged visiting boys to masturbate there.

Both homosexual men were under investigation for sexual contact and inappropriate conduct with their young victims but were never charged with a crime.

One of the young victims suffered a breakdown and finally told his parents about having sexual encounters with the teacher. South St. Paul police were called in and soon discovered a number of victims.

But when police attempted to get a statement from the men, they borrowed a gun and fled the state. A search of the men's house found the hidden camera and a computer file entitled “Kiddies.”

Babbitt and Deyo's bodies were found on a beach in Washington state on August 25. A suicide note explained that the couple loved Lopez Island, where the murder/suicide took place.

“This disturbing story reminds us of why parents have a right not to want homosexuals –or anyone proudly identifying with sexual deviance– to teach their young children,” Americans For Truth President Peter LaBarbera told LifeSiteNews.  “These predators were grooming boys for sex –using gifts, overnight trips, drugs and alcohol.”

“But what's so alarming about this case is that the politically correct culture of 'out-and-proud' homosexuality actually helped them recruit their victims,” LaBarbera pointed out.

“The young student victims were encouraged to 'come out' as gay and transgender to their parents— who were naive enough to let them hang out with and even be 'mentored' by homosexual men,” LaBarbera reasoned. “'Coming out' at such a young age placed these boys in grave danger — and made it easier for these predator-perverts to manipulate them.”

“Certainly the school and community's gay-affirming culture also provided cover for the two pederasts.”

“Pederasty –sex between men and boys– has long been a part of male homosexuality,” LaBarbera explained. “A new study by world renowned psychiatrist Dr. Paul McHugh and Johns Hopkins University scholar Lawrence Mayer finds that homosexuals are ‘two to three times more likely to have experienced childhood sexual abuse.'”

“We know that many adult homosexuals were sexually abused as children, and then they go on to abuse children as adults,” the pro-marriage leader stated. “Hopefully, these victims will break the chain of sexual abuse and escape the destructive bondage of homosexuality.”

In one tragic incident, according to investigation records, the men took a boy to a jazz concert and then raped him in a hotel after plying him with alcohol and marijuana. The boy explained to police that he did not want the men to use him for sex but “felt unsure how to say no” to his “father figures.”

The men repeatedly told their victims that they must not tell anyone. Once, the men told a student they allegedly raped that he must not tell even his best friend, a transgender boy wishing to be a girl.

Upon hearing what happened to his brother, one victim's brother admitted that another of Babbitt’s former students told him Babbitt had sex with him, but the brother regrettably promised to keep it secret.

Babbitt's father was superintendent of the South St. Paul School District from 2003 to 2007.