Ben Johnson


Two women die from botched abortions in Kenya

Ben Johnson

EMBU, Kenya, September 24, 2012, ( – The lives of two promising African women were cut short last week as a consequence of abortion.

A woman studying to be a teacher, who had attempted to abort her child through a chemical abortion, died in the city of Embu North, the capital of Kenya’s Eastern Province. reports her fellow students at St. Mark Teachers Training College discovered her “gasping and groaning in pain.”

At the same time, a prominent businesswoman died in the eastern part of the country. Judith Amoit, the 31-year-old owner of a hotel in Teso South, died from the after-effects of an abortion last Wednesday. According to local media reports, Amiot procured the abortion on the advice of her new boyfriend. 

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Despite the deadly toll, a determined coalition within the African nation has pushed to liberalize Kenya’s abortion laws ever since its new constitution was adopted in 2010 with the strong support of President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.

Congressman Chris Smith, R-NJ, said that during the debate over the Kenyan Constitution, the Obama administration essentially “hired surrogates” to push for broadened access to abortion.


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