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MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin (LifeSiteNews) — Wisconsin education officials continue to investigate a Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) counselor who said she would not help students “transition.”

Marissa Darlingh stands accused of “immoral conduct” which is defined by law as “conduct or behavior that is contrary to commonly accepted moral or ethical standards and that endangers the health, safety, welfare, or education of any pupil.”

On Saturday, “40 teachers, students and community members led by the Black Educators Caucus marched from district offices to Marissa Darlingh’s home Saturday, chalking their demands for the district to better support trans students as some called for Darlingh to be fired,” the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

The Department of Public Instruction is considering the revocations of Darlingh’s educator license because she said two months ago at a rally against transgenderism that she would not help students “transition socially or medically under [her] ‘[expletive] watch,'” according to a letter from the state.

Darlingh remains on “administrative leave,” according to the Journal Sentinel. The investigation has now been going on for almost two full months.

A new teacher at the school accused Darlingh of “oppressing the youth” by refusing to encourage them to permanently sever their reproductive capabilities or taking irreversible puberty blockers.

“As educators, we can’t be oppressing the youth,” Olimpia Garcia told the Milwaukee newspaper. “That’s part of our job description to support them and not to oppress them.”

The director of a homosexual advocacy group said that many counselors are ready to help students “transition.”

“School counselors, along with school social workers and school psychologists, are often the anchor adults, the lifeline for students, especially trans and non-binary students,” Brian Juchems of GSAFE told the Journal Sentinel. Juchem’s group “provides training for Wisconsin educators to support LGBTQ+ students.”

“Most school counselors that I’ve worked with are often the people leading the charge to make sure schools are safe and affirming,” Juchems said.

Social scientist says LGBT identification linked to mental illness, political ideology

While MPS and different LGBT groups want kids to be free to “transition” at any age, a social scientist recently concluded in a report that the rise in LGBT identification among Gen Z is linked to mental illness and political ideology.

University of London social scientist Eric Kaufmann linked the rise in identification as LGBT to it being “trendy” and tied it to mental illness and liberal political beliefs.

“Very liberal ideology is associated with identifying as LGBT among those with heterosexual behavior, especially women,” a May 30 report written by Kaufmann stated. “It seems that an underlying psychological disposition is inclining people with heterosexual behavior to identify both as LGBT and very liberal.”

He also said that identification as LGBT has risen faster than LGBT sexual behavior, “indicating that people with occasional rather than sustained feelings of attraction to the opposite sex are increasingly identifying as LGBT.”