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April 25, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – Senator Ted Cruz is vetting former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina as his possible vice presidential running mate, sources close to Fiorina confirmed early Monday evening.

Fiorina, who led the Fortune 50 company before running for U.S. Senate in California and then seeking the Republican presidential nomination this year, delivered the keynote speech at this year's March for Life.

After dropping out of the race, Fiorina endorsed Sen. Cruz in March, calling him a “true conservative.”

“We have begun a vice presidential search process,” Sen. Cruz said on Monday. “We've begun examining both a long list and now a shorter list that has been pulled, and that naturally includes a vetting process.”

Cruz's campaign manager, Jeff Roe, wrote on Twitter:

A former Fiorina staffer, Sarah Isgur Flores, told The Weekly Standard today that Fiorina is on that list.

Sen. Cruz would not confirm the identities of those he is considering, nor how many are on the list.

“At this point, no decisions have been made in terms of who a nominee would be, or what the timing would be of the announcement,” he said on Monday.

Governor John Kasich said this weekend that he has begun vetting possible running mates, although he has won only one primary – his home state of Ohio – and has only 148 of the 1,237 delegates necessary to clinch the nomination.

No word of those he's asked to take part has leaked.

Donald Trump has said, “There are people I have in mind in terms of vice president. I just haven’t told anybody names.”

He then named Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and former bitter rival Sen. Marco Rubio.