Tuesday August 31, 2010

Teen Pro-Life Phenomenon ‘Lia’ Defends Rights of the Unborn

By Patrick B. Craine

TORONTO, Ontario, August 31, 2010 ( – Pro-life prodigy Lia Mills, whose Youtube orations have amassed nearly a million views, has set out to prove the humanity of the unborn in a new video, part of an ongoing campaign to promote the message of life.

If the unborn are not human, the 13-year-old Toronto-native explains in her ten-minute address, then abortion is simply a matter of personal preference. But, she says, “if the unborn are human, then they have value and rights.”

She points out that textbooks on embryology clearly state that life begins at conception and human development begins at fertilization. “At conception, a new life with its own unique DNA begins,” she explains. “All of the body parts of the mother share the same DNA, the mother’s DNA. But an unborn baby has an entirely different DNA. He or she is separate from the mother.”

“It should be clear that when two living beings from the same species mate, the product will be the same species as the parents,” she adds.

Lia argues that all of the claims against the humanity of the unborn distinguish them from the born based on (1) size, (2) level of development, (3) environment, or (4) degree of dependency. She goes through each one and points out that we do not devalue born people based on these differences.

To take the fourth, for example, she observes that many argue the unborn should not be given the same rights as others because they depend so completely on their mother for life and sustenance. But Lia points out that a one-week-old baby is totally dependent on her parents, and the infirm are dependent on medical implements.

“Really if we take this argument to its logical conclusion, we should be able to kill those who are on welfare, because they depend on the government,” she asserts. “We are all dependent on someone to a degree and no one goes around saying that those who are more dependent aren’t human or are somehow less human than others.”

In the end, she admits that abortion advocates now accept the humanity of the unborn, but rely instead on the claim that the unborn are not persons. “They acknowledge the humanity of the unborn, but are now denying them their personhood, and thereby denying them their rights,” she says. “Is it possible to be a human and not a person?”

Having shown the humanity of the unborn, Lia’s next video, which should be issued shortly, will answer the question “Are the unborn persons?”

See the video, ‘Are the Unborn Human?’ here.

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