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August 22, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – Teen Vogue gave “Back to School” awards to two vibrators, which they encourage young girls to use as a way to “let off steam with zero risk of STIs.” 

The magazine's “Back to School Awards 2017: The Best Health and Wellness Products” also touts condoms and various lubricants alongside water bottles and workout weights.

“Not once in the article does the outlet mention actually studying or aiming high in school,” wrote The Activist Mommy. “Instead, the article encourages kids to focus on having the 'right' sex toys, lube and condoms for the school year.” 

The “Best Value Personal Massager” the teen magazine recommends is just $8.69. Using it is “one of the best ways to let off steam with zero risk of STIs,” according to Teen Vogue

For those interested in a “splurge” purchase, Teen Vogue also highlights a $119 “clitoral vibrator” that is “so good there's a wait list for it.” 

The back-to-school list also recommends a water-based lubricant to be used “with or without condoms,” lubricant “for solo time or with a partner,” and condoms with “no rubber smell.”

“It makes literally no sense unless one simply accepts that Teen Vogue is a truly satanic garbage rag whose editors want nothing more than to see children make poor decision[s] and head down the wrong path,” the Activist Mommy continued. “In case you didn’t know, this magazine is sick.”

Teen Vogue gave another “Back to School Award” to a sex education coloring book that “challenges heteronormative standards about getting down” through its “illustrated guides to talking about consent, relationships, beginnings, and ending.”

Teen Vogue came under fire in July for publishing a sodomy how-to that didn't warn of its many health risks. Although the article labeled anal sex “perfectly natural,” it did admit, “you will come in contact with some fecal matter.”