EKANGALA, South Africa, June 2, 2014 ( – Three teens in South Africa have been charged with setting the body of a baby on fire in an attempt to hide an illegal abortion.

Police say an 18-year-old girl aborted her child by using an illegal abortion-inducing drug. After attempting to flush the baby's body down the toilet, she called two friends, who suggested that they could dispose of the evidence by burning the body of the baby, according to IOL News.

Police say the young woman and her friends, who are both 19, were unable to completely get rid of the body before being observed. The three ultimately led authorities to the site where the burned remains lay.

The mother was charged with murder. The two friends, who are both 19 years old, will be charged with conspiracy to murder.

The disturbing incident is alleged to haven taken place in Ekangala, a small, northeastern town in South Africa.

Abortion has been legal in South Africa since 1975, when parliament passed the Abortion and Sterilization Act. Former President Nelson Mandela signed the Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Bill in 1996, which significantly liberalized abortion nationwide. Five years later, the nation's Medicines Control Council legalized the use of chemical, or medical, abortion by using mifepristone in conjunction with misoprostol.

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It is one of only five nations in Africa to legally allow the use of the abortifacient.