OTTAWA, Nov 1 ( – In order to promote the Child Rights Vote in Canada on November 19 and the 10th anniversary of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the child, on November 20, the National Film Board of Canada is running cartoon propaganda for children on TELETOON, an all-cartoon cable network. “Rights from the Heart: Films on children’s rights!,” is a series of short cartoons which began airing yesterday, and will be shown for the next two weekends, Saturday and Sunday beginning at 12:30 pm. 

The pro-child care and anti-family bias of these productions is evident from the descriptions of the shows. Furthermore, the antagonism between parents and children set up by the UN’s children’s rights convention is evidenced in the promotional cartoon skits. 

Next Saturday, Nov 6 the first skit “1,2,3, Coco” is portrayed as follows: “A teacher’s enthusiasm helps a little girl to overcome her fear of numbers.” Immediately following that skit comes “Papa” a story where “a child tries everything to attract the attention of her father, who is completely wrapped up in his work.” 

The following Saturday, Nov 13, parents are repeatedly envisioned as the enemies of their own children. In one skit “a young girl manages to develop her musical talent without the knowledge of her family. Following that, in “Overdose,”“a boy’s parents have so organized his activities that he no longer has time for himself.” And finally “Duel” creates a scene where “through a funnel inserted into his head, a child receives carefully sorted information that will make him a model citizen. But when he grows up, he rebels against all forms of censorship of the mind.” 

With files from Teletoon.