KENTUCKY, Jan 12 ( – The movement in the United States calling for the public posting of the Ten Commandments is becoming so large that it is being likened to the nation’s pro-life movement. As reported in a recent article on CNN’s website (January 7), Washington University religion professor Frank Flinn sees the 10 commandments becoming a high-priority issue around the country. From courtrooms to classrooms, Christian Americans are urging public officials to acknowledge the importance of the values reflected in the Decalogue by posting it.

Leading pro-family organization, the Family Research Council, backs the movement and has distributed 750,000 Ten Commandments book covers as part of their effort. Civil disobedience is even being advocated in the campaign. “Roy Moore, an Alabama circuit judge who refused to take down the commandments posted in his courtroom in 1995, has spoken at Christian rallies across the country. He encourages school boards to post the Ten Commandments even if it means a costly lawsuit for the district,” notes CNN. 

Predictably, the notorious American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) opposes the public religious display.It is currently taking on three Kentucky counties, trying to get a court to order them to take down publicly displayed copies of the commandments. Meanwhile some Christian leaders such as Denver minister, Don Sartthout, warn that if the Ten Commandments movement is only about displaying the rules on walls instead of in people’s lives, it will accomplish little in terms of reclaiming moral ground in America.

See the CNN article.