LONDON, August 7, 2003 ( – Ten British babies have been born using the ruthless embryo “aneuploidy screening” which allows human lives to be terminated at their most vulnerable stage by detecting apparent genetic abnormalities.  The screening was carried out by the Assisted Gynaecology and Reproduction Centre, whose director, Dr. Mohamed Taranissi, went public earlier this week for the first time. “Older women who are at increased risk of producing a child with Down’s syndrome,” he said, “or with other age-related chromosomal abnormalities, can now use aneuploidy screening rather than waiting for prenatal diagnosis which may lead to termination of the pregnancy, often at an advanced stage.”  Britain’s Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) said, “The technique seeks out and destroys any newly-conceived so-called ‘abnormal’ embryonic children, while so-called ‘normal’ embryos are allowed to live for use in fertility treatment.”  For the Guardian coverage:,3604,1012970,00.html   For SPUC commentary: