TORONTO, August 19, 2003 ( – Tennis star Martina Navratilova took a swing at the United States last week as she commented in favor of Canada’s move toward homosexual ‘marriage’. Navratilova, who is herself a lesbian activist, said “at least here in Canada you seem much better able to separate state and religion. We have a much harder time doing that in America.”  Navratilova, who defected to America from Czechoslovakia in 1975 under the horrific communist regime, laughingly compared defecting to America with defecting to Canada from the United States.  “I might have to move here,” Navratilova joked. “No, don’t say that, I’ll get killed for that statement,” she added with a laugh.  Robert H. Knight Director of the Culture and Family Institute of the Concerned Women for America commented on Navratilova’s remarks in an interview with LifeSite.  “Homosexual activists love to shock, which is why Martina laughed after making her remarks,” said Knight.  “She knows how absurd it is to most but underneath she also knows the threat of homosexual activism is very real. Their message is, ‘you will conform to our perverse version of marriage or we will try to punish you in some way’.  She’ll be a fine poster girl for Canada if it continues down the path of dishonoring God and instead promoting moral chaos. In other words, you are welcome to her, not that I’d wish her on anyone.”  Knight, who directed Cultural Studies at the Family Research Council for nearly 10 years and also headed a similar program as Senior Fellow for Cultural Policy Studies at the Heritage Foundation, concluded, “The success of the gay rights movement will be the criminalization of Christianity.”  See local coverage of Navratilova’s remarks: