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Mellissa Carone and Rudy Giuliani during last week's Michigan House Oversight Committee voter fraud hearing The Sun / YouTube

LANSING, Michigan, December 7, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) –A contractor for Dominion Voting Systems has testified that she witnessed systematic ballot fraud in Detroit that led to tens of thousands of false votes in last month’s presidential election. 

Mellissa Carone, an IT and cybersecurity specialist, told members of the Michigan House 

Oversight Committee at a voter fraud hearing, “Democrats took every avenue possible to commit fraud in this election.” 

Carone worked at Detroit’s TCF Center on Election Day and the day after, where she said that she had observed “at least 30,000” ballots counted more than once. “What I saw on [November 3 and 4] was over 20 counts of fraud being taken place in front of my face,” Carone stated.

She had signed an affidavit on November 10, swearing to the charges that she outlined on Wednesday. In her affidavit, Carone attested to having “witnessed countless workers rescanning” jammed ballots “without discarding them first which resulted in ballots being counted 4-5 times.” She said that vote tabulators at TCF Center “would get jammed 4-5 times an hour” and that votes may have been brought in by vans that “pulled into the garage of the counting room.”

Some batches of ballots were “counted over 8 times,” Carone related. “Instead of discarding, they were just rescanning, rescanning, rescanning, counting ballots nine to 10 times,” she told lawmakers.

“I called my manager to a specific tabulating machine and I showed him a number on it that was over 500. They shouldn’t be over 50. Ballots come in batches of 50,” Carone added. When Carone brought up the “severe problem” of extra ballot counting to her boss, he reportedly told her, “‘Melissa I don’t want to hear that we have a problem, we are here to assist with IT, we are not here to run their election.’” 

“They were cheating,” Carone said. “It was very, very apparent.”

“You know, Dominion won't come before this committee,” the chairman of the Michigan House Oversight Committee noted. “I've asked them, so far, they've refused and I do want them to come… because we need answers from them about how their voting machines work.”

Dominion Voting Systems, the largest election technology supplier in the United States, has been connected to major election day vote glitches across swing states, including in Michigan. 

President Trump’s legal team has stated that “many Dominion employees have already reached out,” some “admitting that they were trained how to dispose of Trump votes and add to Biden votes.” The Trump team also linked “massive spikes” of votes to Dominion agents in Detroit “after hours.”

At multiple points during Wednesday’s hearing, Carone forcefully rebutted challenges from

Michigan representatives, like when Republican Rep. Steven Johnson pressed her about fraudulent votes.

After Johnson said that Michigan poll books generally reflected recorded votes, Carone responded, “look again.” 

“We're not seeing the poll book off by 30,000 votes,” Johnson told her. “What did you guys do, take it and do something crazy to it?” she fired back. 

“I know what I saw,” Carone said, “and I signed something saying if I’m wrong, I can go to prison. Did you?…I'd say that poll book is off by over a hundred thousand,” she declared. 

When asked by the chairman why more whistleblowers weren’t coming forward with fraud claims, she answered, “I'll tell you why. My life has been destroyed. My life has been completely destroyed because of this.”

“I've lost family. I've lost friends. I've been threatened, my kids have been threatened. I've had to move. I've had to change my phone number. I've had to get rid of social media,” she continued.

“I can't even get an actual job anymore. I can't because Democrats like to ruin your lives.”

While one representative mentioned that a Michigan judge had called Carone’s account “not credible,” based on other affidavits, a Detroit poll challenger testified to similar allegations on Tuesday. She told Michigan senators that election workers used fake voter information to “override the system and allow them to enter nonregistered voters,” circumventing poll books. She said that ballots were copied repeatedly, “all for Biden across the board.”

In the past week videos of Carone’s testimonies have “gone viral” online with tens of millions of views across social media platforms. She has since become the subject of ridicule in some quarters of the media. Last week the Daily Mail reported that she was sentenced to 12 months of probation for a “computer crime” in September 2019, although details of the crime are not given.

But President Trump celebrated Carone’s testimony yesterday, tweeting “Melissa is great!”